On Oct. 10, I appeared on CNN with Poppy Harlow and CNN International to discuss the recent conflicts in Syria and Ukraine based on Military Times’ story: “U.S. vs. Russia: What a war would look like between the world’s most fearsome militaries

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CNN International

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CNN with Poppy Harlow


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Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.15.18 PMSitRep Jan. 28, 2016

Air Force Times reporters Phillip Swarts and Oriana Pawlyk discuss the Air Force’s role in operation Desert Storm; in 2016, Desert Storm reached a 25 year milestone commemorating when U.S. and allied forces rolled over Saddam Hussein’s army and pushed them out of Kuwait.

Air Force Air & Space Conference 2015

Enlisted and officer Air Force specialists speak with Oriana Pawlyk about their careers during the Air Force’s annual Air and Space Conference in National Harbor, Washington, D.C., Sept. 2015.

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Video 1: Chief Master Sgt. Don Stevens, a combat controller by trade, is the senior enlisted manager of the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron. Stevens discusses the changes he’s seen in the combat controller community and opening combat jobs to women.

Video 2: Sr. Airman Adam Walker, Weapons and Tactics Technician, 50th Space Wing, on why he joined the Air Force and the challenges in his field.

VIDEO: Military Times SitRep

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SitRep Sept. 4, 2014

Leaders gather in support of Ukraine at NATO Summit. Defense News correspondent Marcus Weisgerber reports from the NATO summit as US and European leaders show support for Ukraine. Air Force Times Deputy News Editor Oriana Pawlyk talks about US forces deployed in the region.

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SitRep March 17, 2014

The Army tests a new strength test, Marines see more pay for heading to sea, and the LCS Coronado arrives in San Diego.


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Executive chef at the White House. July 12, 2012.

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Interview with my grandfather, Cpl. John Pawlyk

On his experience during the Korean War.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/80748491 w=500&h=281]