Given my eastern European language skills and cultural understanding, I have taken a leading role in covering the Russia-Ukraine hostility for the Military Times family of publications. Some of my coverage here:

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635901119576323210-160201-F-VS255-474Air Force wants more temporary airfields in Eastern Europe, general says


635953185783643522-160108-Z-AH552-141USAF F-15s move across Europe for exercises. Here’s where they are


635949486609019911-160305-Z-AH552-038Air National Guard will train Ukraine airmen this spring


635908777342286782-F-15F-15s to Finland as USAF boosts Europe deployments to deter Russia


635896649873176295-000-Par1904613.jpgPentagon: Russian jet flew too close to U.S. Air Force spy plane


635784446739702446-21453832182-eed1c35cdb-k173rd Airborne in Ukraine; to expand mission this fall

B2B-2, B-52 bombers deploy to Europe for military exercises


A10s RomaniaA-10s train with allies in Romania; F-15s in Netherlands


BreedloveNATO commander: Ukraine can’t stop Russia


Poroshenko and troopsNATO still seeks consensus on Ukraine conflict


UkiDronesU.S. organization sends drones to Ukrainian military


JonesAir Force to increase op tempo in Europe in 2015


635532962320389280-090722-F-8308W-941U.S. lawmakers want aircraft in Europe until Russia backs down


Spec MedSpecial Ops medical team advises Ukrainian soldiers


Fighter jets Fighters head to Eastern Europe as tensions rise


bildeBreedlove: ‘Russia is messaging us’


bildeB-52s headed to Europe for second time this year


bildeBreedlove may get the ‘force structure pause’ he’s been asking for all along // & // Breedlove: Junior officers, NCOs a resource ‘that NATO can’t waste’ 


bildeAir Force trying to protect F-15s in Europe


bildeAir Force expects high op tempo for Europe rotations 


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SitRep Sept. 4: Leaders gather in support of Ukraine at NATO Summit. Defense News correspondent Marcus Weisgerber reports from the NATO summit as US and European leaders show support for Ukraine. Air Force Times Deputy News Editor Oriana Pawlyk talks about US forces deployed in the region.

bilde-3Breedlove: Size of NATO Response Force still up for debate


bilde-4F-16 rotation and personnel head to Poland, Czech Republic


Canada-wins‘Geography can be tough’: Canadian Twitter account pokes fun at Russian soldiers’ claims


bilde12 Lakenheath F-15s participate in NATO joint exercise


bildeNew rotation arrives for exercises in Poland


bilde-2U.S. and EU pledge new sanctions against Russia // & // NATO affirms Russia violated decades-old treaty


BreedloveNATO considers another base location closer to eastern Europe


bilde-1Treasury imposes new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine


UkraineTracking unrest: Mapping the latest in Ukraine


bildeAirmen participate in joint exercises in Poland, Baltic nations


stealthU.S. sends B-2 stealth bombers to Europe in larger show of force


bilde-2U.S. deploys B-52s to Europe in light of Crimea crisis

SchisslerGeneral calls for allied strategy in any ‘show of force’ in Europe



bildeAir Force will fill central role as U.S. responds to Russian aggression // & // Explainer: Air Force units in Europe postured for crisis response