In addition to the Early Bird newsletter, I was a Military Times reporter. Some clips here:

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More reporting samples:

635876990471867729-000-Hkg10242611After North Korea’s nuke test, 25,000 U.S. troops wait to see what happens next [also seen in USA Today] // & // How the U.S. plans to evacuate noncombatants from Korea in case of nuclear attack

635875140419258701-ARM-Kat-Argo-1 Female Army vet leads ‘dream team’ to fight ISIS in Iraq


635829362697386015-MAR-Clinton-1Why Hillary Clinton says the Marine Corps turned her away [also seen in USA Today]


635827669456791478-ARM-Jan-Scruggs02Memorial for Afghanistan, Iraq troops gets more support


635823230572137928-Green-light-a-Vet1Walmart launches ‘Greenlight A Vet’ advocacy campaign



635822343961946281-1797222DoD, Congress spar over defense trademark letter


Senator: Congress should revisit BAH cuts, health care reform




Pentagon sets deadlines for new security after Chattanooga shooting


Teens serve as pallbearers for homeless veterans



Marine’s Silver Star upgraded to Navy Cross



173rd Airborne in Ukraine; to expand mission this fall



635768810987318344-photo-intel-airmenAirmen needed for new USAF human intelligence field



ISIS hacker 2ISIS hacker who exposed troops’ personal info killed in drone strike [also seen in USA Today]



ISIS hackerISIS hacking group tweets support for ‘lone wolf’ attacks on military personnel



Marines AustraliaAussies to Marines: Don’t bring invasive species, disease



Gun lawMore military spouses could purchase guns under proposed law



LEOSA 2Law lets certified troops carry concealed handguns [also seen in USA Today]



Pentagon PFPAPentagon access cards require fingerprint, iris images



MattisHere’s why Mattis says he won’t be running for president



ThinkstockPhotosShould the military ban the Confederate flag? [also seen in USA Today]



BCTBCT banishes combat patches, badges to boost morale [also seen in USA Today]


War Women‘War of Women’ panel: Change is on the way for military culture



MurgaWomen in combat, immigration profiled in reservist’s film


Morocco3,000 U.S., allied troops launch crisis response drills in Morocco



Good-Kill‘Good Kill’ targets Air Force drone pilots’ disconnect   + EXCLUSIVE: Military Times’ interviews Ethan Hawke for his role in ‘Good Kill’




The ‘Texas takeover’: Chuck Norris vs. Jon Stewart




U.S. troops survey need for military relief efforts in Nepal



MAR-Iraq-training-1Photos: The Marine Corps’ ongoing mission in Iraq



Color2Artists’ perspective: Bringing military photos to life with a touch of color



ToshComedy Central’s Tosh skewers military fakers [also seen in USA Today]



RL-NEW-NEWColorized photographs give life to these WWI, WWII U.S. troops



ForceoftheFuture#ForceoftheFuture targets younger audiences



EbolaRemaining U.S. troops in Liberia committed to stamping out Ebola



TintypeAirman’s tintypes evoke ‘humanity’ of troops, vets



Mil-civ gapSeeking ways to bridge ‘civilian-military gap’ [also seen in USA Today]



Vet benefitsVeteran proposes ‘clean’ military retirement alternative



VictoriaXIS threatens Victoria Cross recipient who saved Marine // & // British soldier awarded Victoria Cross for saving Marine [as seen in USA Today]



Pentagon newspapersPentagon removes newspaper boxes, cites security risk [as seen in USA Today]



McDonald VAReaction: Chief’s lie is latest gaffe for VA’s reputation [as seen in USA Today]



CarterPPTCarter to brass: Nix the PowerPoint, speak up instead



extremism summit2DoD keeps low profile at extremism summit [as seen in USA TODAY]



DrillSgtsBest drill instructor moments captured on camera



isis-newsweek4DoD, Twitter work to strengthen accounts // & // CyberCaliphate claims Newsweek Twitter hack



Bob-KarlstrandAir Force vet giving away everything he owns



A10Watchdog disputes Air Force data on A-10 friendly fire deaths



AIR-pilot-selfie10 of the best military pilot selfies



UAEPilots weigh in on UAE suspending airstrikes against ISIL [as seen in USA Today]



KirbyZorching toward glory: Adm. Kirby answers 20 questions



BasesMore bases use visitor background checks



NatGeoNational Geographic explores ‘invisible’ war wounds



ConwayVeterans want Navy Cross for chaplain



Devils BrigWWII ‘Devil’s Brigade’ to receive medal



CENTCOMCENTCOM Twitter hackers posted info for many retired generals



MildenhallUSAF to leave Mildenhall, 2 other English bases