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635968680152912355-Screen-Shot-2016-04-21-at-8.39.22-PMWatch a B-52 bomb an ISIS weapon facility for the first time in Iraq


635954741834016532-110601-F-1234A-010Air Force to review its tattoo policy



635901119576323210-160201-F-VS255-474Air Force wants more temporary airfields in Eastern Europe, general says



635948693280859328-24252345085-9cc011f4df-oISIS kill missions: 1 in 5 drone flights includes a missile strike



635943504082726484-AP281118854228Air Force hopes to head off the poaching of its pilots




635944344558861097-228098Air Force ‘loans’ bombs to coalition partners in war on ISIS



635942580516587864-Arlington-Cemetery-Fe-SmalCongresswoman to Air Force: Put down the tuba, pick up a gun




635944347217389313-24252614535-3ea4e44dda-kAir Force F-16s fly the most sorties against ISIS, B-1s drop most bombs



635938361381733126-150223-F-PB123-102Air Force assistant vice chief fired over unprofessional relationship



635936548362098614-140902-F-II211-904Air Force cyber airmen on the path to protect aircraft systems



635932076388068688-24858771442-2282eb2808-oHow the improved F-22 trains for future wars (with F-35s) // & // F-22 fighter jets permanently in Poland? Not so fast



635930452995088129-eye-in-the-sky-EITS-02149-CROP-rgb-2Q&A: Discussing modern warfare and drones in ‘Eye in the Sky’ // & // ‘Eye in the Sky’ takes on the rules of targeting terror



635927027853804684-140528-F-PB123-102The B-52 could rise again, this time to fight ISIS



635920863590459645-160213-F-QJ658-090Female flight officer surpasses 1,000 flight hours in combat mission against ISIS



635920006961652385-AIR-Ayotte-2Senators demand answers on Al Udeid Air Base mold problem // & // Congress to Air Force: More answers needed on Al Udeid



635920158521303915-Saudi-F-15sRemember the war in Yemen? The U.S. Air Force is there


635914945986917113-AP-717950837851In Libya, the U.S. opens a fourth front in war on ISIS



635913125829791173-FY17-POM-Force-Structure-Map-v15-for-DistroDespite 2022 deadline, Air Force wants A-10 squadrons to go away sooner



635918320891204156-Untitled-1Al Udeid: The good, the bad, and the very ugly // & // Just how bad are living conditions at Al Udeid?


635908777342286782-F-15F-15s head to Finland for first time as USAF boosts Europe deployments to deter Russia


635907964832344946-160210-F-XX000-999Air Force tanker saves pilot from ejecting over ISIS territory


635906354909979533-24206286873-5beed027e6-oGraphic: Strikes in Afghanistan and against Islamic State compared



635901062302753831-GettyImages-152850865Airman convicted of assault by HIV appeals charges




635894059196404786-151015-F-ZT877-254Davis-Monthan AFB too loud, busy, residents claim in lawsuit




635889036876501907-AIR-desert-storm-gallery-125 years later: what we learned from Desert Storm // & // Desert Storm marked start of integration for Air Force reserves



635883878645187130-PurpleThe myth vs. legend of the Air Force’s purple water fountain





USAF tech. sergeant, wife petition to keep their family together




635882112938111707-160106-F-LP538-438 Air war against Islamic State group cost $5.5 billion