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Reporting from the Washington, D.C. area, I edit the Military Times’ newsletter, compiling the top national security stories driving the day. If you need the best military news roundup for your morning, look no further than the Early Bird Brief. And for a story or two, I’m also a staff writer for Military Times.

I was the Deputy News Editor for Air Force Times between August 2012 until January 2015. I covered U.S. Air Forces Europe, cyber forces airmen, physical training, uniforms, professional military education and technology.

I became a Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellow hosted by the National Press Foundation in July 2013. Through the 9-month long program, I was given the opportunity to correspond with officials, experts and seasoned journalists in the D.C. area while also learning from new-found peers and colleagues.

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I attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where I received a bachelor’s in Journalism and English Literature. I was an editorial editor and columnist for The Miami Student.

I interned with the Federal Times in Washington, D.C. coordinated through the Washington Media Institute program in the summer of 2012, which prompted my current role within Sightline Media Group under TEGNA. (formerly Gannett Government Media Corporation).

An American Ukrainian from Chicago, I am bilingually proficient in Ukrainian, and grew up learning Ukrainian arts, culture, history and literature.

My interests include world cultures, international governments, history, intelligence agencies, cybersecurity, politics, the military and especially written literature on all of the above.

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Graduating from the Paul Miller fellowship June 2, 2014